Instruction video: Twitter for academics

Would you like to explore what Twitter has to offer but just don’t know how to start?

Here is a video with simple instructions and tailored tips for those interested in mental health and/or trauma research, including how to join tomorrow’s journal club:

It covers how to:

  1. Create a Twitter account
  2. Fill out your profile and send your first tweet
  3. Find trauma & PTSD experts to follow
  4. Use hashtags, with examples specific for research and mental health
  5. Join the #traumaresearch journal club via Twitter or Tweet chat

Let me know if any questions come up, I’m more than happy to help (@EvaAlisic).

The #traumaresearch Journal Club

The first #traumaresearch journal club will take place Februari 23rd, 10pm GMT (which corresponds to 5pm New York, 23u Amsterdam, Friday 24th 9am Melbourne). We will discuss a recent systematic review on the effects of cognitive behavioral therapy for children with PTSD and topics of interest for future chats. Students, academics, clinicians, all are welcome.

The second one will be March 15th, 9am GMT (4am New York – for really early, or late, birds! -, 10am Amsterdam, 8pm Melbourne). Vote in the sidebar for the paper we should discuss!

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