Free interactive online training: Supporting the mental health of veterans and families

This Thursday, a 14-session training series on diagnosis and treatment of veterans will start. It has an interesting line-up of presenters and explicitly takes families into account. The US based program is accessible for clinicians all over the world. Find your local time for the training here.

The description of From the War Zone to the Home Front:

“One in three U.S. service members returning from Iraq or Afghanistan will experience signs of combat stress, depression, post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) or symptoms of a traumatic brain injury. Only 50% receive their health care through the VA. Other vets and their families will seek care in community settings by primary care and community mental health clinicians.

The Home Base Program in collaboration with the Veteran Administration’s National Center for PTSD is providing this free, CME-certified educational series to assist clinicians in the diagnosis and treatment of the silent wounds of war in returning veterans and their families. This live, on-line, interactive educational series is led by nationally recognized faculty with expertise in diagnosing and treating PTSD and TBI with traditional and complementary evidence-based therapy. The faculty will also address the needs of military families and review how to recognize and treat the emotional stress present in spouses, parents, and children of veterans with PTSD or TBI.”

The program is intended for a wide range of professionals, including primary care and community mental health providers, pediatricians, college and university health professionals, psychiatric nurses, and social workers.

An overview of the schedule:

For more information and free registration, see the From the War Zone to the Home Front website.

For those interested in trauma research discussions on Twitter:

We will chat about systematic reviews on the effects of cognitive behavioral therapy for children with PTSD this Thursday 10pm GMT (5pm New York, 23u Amsterdam, Friday 9am in Melbourne). The next one after that will be Thursday 15 March 9am GMT (4am New York (sorry!), 10am Amsterdam, 8pm Melbourne).

The hashtag to find the chat is #traumaresearch. More information about how to read and how to join will be available tomorrow.

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