Useful embarrassment (part 1)


A large cut develops in my hiking pants while I step on that slightly bigger rock in Switzerland.

The whole breadth of my left buttock.

With people walking right behind me.


That’s how I feel about asking people for money: embarrassed. I like to avoid it at all costs, even though I believe in the work that our team is doing.*

Motivated by an arts projects that I’d like us to start, I set up a donation page a few months back. And then did a lousy job of promoting it. That is, I mentioned it once at the bottom of a blogpost (a spontaneously developing ‘bottom’ theme here 😉 ).**

However, despite the embarrassment, at least one good thing came from it. I started a series of micro-podcasts (2 minutes long) about what the Lab and I had been up to. It turns out I enjoy these little “Last week in the Lab” reflections, and I hope they give an insight in our work.

I’ve put the list below, and I’ll keep sharing them. If you like them, let me know what you’d like to hear more about.

Next time, I’ll write about an entirely different embarrassment story – nothing to do with money nor bottoms. One that is motivating me to change something substantial in the lab in 2018.

Last week in the Lab:


* With funding agencies, I don’t seem to have that problem 🙂

** I’ve on purpose not linked to the page here, because doing it would feel like I’m using this post to promote it, which you know now, makes me feel embarrassed…

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