The Trauma Recovery Lab has moved.. the University of Melbourne!

‘The enemy,’ as one of my Monash colleagues put it, since these universities are the two big ones within the city. But she said it with a smile and we very much intend to continue collaborating.

My now-colleagues at the Child Health and Wellbeing Program invited the Lab and me to join them. We know each other since a few years and I have always admired their work. Mostly for their a) research into issues that have deep impact on children’s lives, including trauma and migration; b) focus on participatory research, having young people co-design research and co-interpret outcomes; and c) translation of research to practice and policy, by building long-term collaborations.

So after 6 fantastic years at Monash, the Lab has a new home. Its goal will remain to improve support for children and young people who have been exposed to traumatic events, with an increasing focus on youth exposed to extreme trauma and/or in low-resource settings. The Child Health and Wellbeing Program sits within the School of Population and Global Health, which fits well with my interest in global and cross-cultural approaches, so I’m excited to get to know my new colleagues and their work. To avoid uprooting our Lab’s student-members, they will stay with Monash to finish their doctorates, while new team members will start at the new place!

As to this blog, I’m looking into giving it a new boost in the next few months. And to do that, I’d love to hear what you’d like to read about. What kind of posts do you find most interesting? The more information-dense ones, the more personal ones, or a mix? What topics or issues would you like to read about? Do you prefer posts in written format, or rather the audio-notes that I tested for a while?



7 thoughts on “The Trauma Recovery Lab has moved..

  1. Nice to see you are in movement… Lucky University of Melbourne to have you and the Lab. I imagine the ripple of energy everyone will feel as you settle in.

    I look forward to reading more posts, a mix of information, personal stories and your spontaneous (and learned, of course) creativity. I use this information to educate myself and then spread my understanding to others. I also look forward to seeing some of the Lab projects unfolding — you have an uncommon vision, the word needs it. It’s multidisciplinary and inclusive. Hard science, research, connection, play and art. One thing I would love to see in the future are some visual maps of some of the themes you are involved in. That always helps: the use of visual intelligence.

    So, there you have it! Enjoy your new home.

    • Thanks so much Jenifer! Both for your kind words and for the suggestions, you know I still have a few items on my to-do-wishlist 🙂 I hope to involve more visualisation indeed. Take care

  2. Yea! I want posts that are helpful to you, either through self-reflection, exploration of half-formed ideas or gaining an audience for important work. Your time is already full enough.

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