Back in the world’s most liveable city

I’m back in Melbourne! After two wonderful years in Switzerland and Europe, I have returned to Melbourne for part 2 of my NHMRC fellowship. It has been surprisingly easy to settle back in: it’s lovely to catch up with everyone here and the world’s most liveable city is still a buzzing creature.*

The fellowship is all about how parents and professionals support children after trauma, and in the past two years we’ve made quite a bit of progress. So, while I have been thinking about the blog but not writing on it, here is a quick overview of where we are at and what is next.

Where we are at

1. In the Ear for Recovery project we look at how parents support their children after a serious injury: we audio-sample families’ daily life for two days after discharge from the hospital (with the ingenious EAR device). With enormous thanks to the whole team, we now have fully transcribed and coded data for 71 families: close to 20,000 audio snippets. Continue reading

Current projects on children’s trauma recovery

Within Monash Injury Research Institute (MIRI, Australia) we conduct several research and dissemination projects focusing on children’s trauma recovery. Our purpose is to build knowledge about how we can support children after traumatic events and to translate this knowledge into practical tools. We collaborate intensively with emergency professionals, university departments (within and outside of Monash University), and community organizations for this purpose. Currently, our main project topics regard: Continue reading