Free interactive online training: Supporting the mental health of veterans and families

This Thursday, a 14-session training series on diagnosis and treatment of veterans will start. It has an interesting line-up of presenters and explicitly takes families into account. The US based program is accessible for clinicians all over the world. Find your local time for the training here.

The description of From the War Zone to the Home Front:

“One in three U.S. service members returning from Iraq or Afghanistan will experience signs of combat stress, depression, post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) or symptoms of a traumatic brain injury. Only 50% receive their health care through the VA. Other vets and their families will seek care in community settings by primary care and community mental health clinicians. Continue reading

3 online training programs about traumatic stress and interventions: high quality, free, and convenient

I recently saw a Dutch poster about a conversation going something like

How are you doing?

“Busy, busy”

That’s not what I wanted to know”,

It commented on people’s tendency to always be, or feel, busy-busy-busy. This busy-ness also gets in the way of professional development it seems. When we interviewed teachers about which medium they preferred to learn about trauma in children, a workshop or training turned out not to be feasible. Several teachers explained  that they wouldn’t be able to fit a workshop in their (busy) schedule, even though they were enthusiastic about attending one. Also for the clinical professionals around me, it seems to be an eternal struggle to make time for whole days of training.

Now, unfortunately, I don’t have a solution to busy-ness (though I try to figure it out for myself with some zen/mindfulness). But I do see interesting options which make training more convenient. In the trauma domain, we have a number of high-quality, free (or low-cost*) online training programs that I am not sure everybody is aware of. Continue reading