Trauma and Resilience summer course in Israel: Impressions and insights

A first-hand report of the international Trauma & Resilience summer course in Israel. Marieke Sleijpen is PhD student at Utrecht University and Arq Foundation. Juul Gouweloos is policy adviser and psychologist at Impact, the Dutch advice centre on post-disaster psychosocial care (partner in Arq Psychotrauma Expert Group).

We have just returned from a summer course in Jerusalem. Jerusalem is called the HolyCity, City of David, City of Gold and the City of Peace… At the same time it has been a city of unresolved conflicts for many centuries. Israel itself is a relative small country in size (less than 8 million inhabitants), but with people from various cultural and religious backgrounds and with a huge environmental diversity (from deserts and oasis, to mountains and valleys). We visited this multifaceted and intense country to attend the course Trauma and Resilience, organized by the Israel Center for the Treatment of Psychotrauma at the Hebrew University.

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