Paper in a Day: An invitation for early career researchers attending the ISTSS conference

Did you finish your PhD less than 5 years ago or are you about to submit it? And are you going to the ISTSS conference in LA? I’d like to invite you to a meeting just before the conference.

I have named it “Paper in a Day” and that’s exactly what it is (although..please read on :-)). The idea is to sit together with about 8 people and write a short report within one day. A super speedy process with a number of goals:

  • to get to know each other (hopefully we’ll have a nice mix of nationalities!)
  • to exchange ideas about traumatic stress and recovery
  • to come up with a collaborative short report
  • to have fun

In short: an intensive, nice, and productive day, with the potential to grow into a yearly event.

Program & preparation

The day will run from 8.30am until about 8.30pm, including plenary discussions, writing & analysis time in couples, and breaks :-). It will take place on Tuesday October 30th; the day before the pre-meeting institutes and the start of the conference. Continue reading