PhD scholarships at Monash University

There is an interesting opportunity for young trauma researchers: to do a PhD at Monash University (Melbourne, Australia). Monash Injury Research Institute is a multidisciplinary center, doing research on both the prevention and outcome side of trauma, which may lead to creative cross-overs. Particularly interesting for researchers in psychotraumatology are the topics adolescent refugee mental health, child abuse, disaster resilience, and injury outcomes.

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When a child’s death is not accidental

This week John Devaney gave a CAPRA seminar about best practices in child death reviews. In particular, he talked about deaths (suspected to be) caused by abuse or neglect. According to UNICEF figures, every year 3500 children under the age of fifteen die in industrialized nations as a result of abuse. Surprisingly, more children die from chronic neglect than from physical abuse. And the younger a child, the more he or she is at risk of non-accidental death, with infants having a three times higher risk than those aged 1-4 years, who run twice as much risk as children aged 5-14 years. Another important take home message: when an adult is known to be violent towards one member of the family (e.g., the partner), chances are high that the violence extends to other family members (the children) as well. This means that children are often not ‘only’ witnesses to, but also victims of, domestic violence. Continue reading