Help us to make research findings widely available

Despite significant movement towards Open Science, many clinicians, policymakers, and citizens can still not access the latest research evidence on e.g. therapy effectiveness. Many research articles are still ‘hidden’ behind paywalls.

With the Global Young Academy we have just launched the More Open Access pledge. Researchers can sign up to this pledge; they promise to submit at least 1 manuscript to an outlet that is Open Access by the end of the year.

While the pledge is not yet well known, we want to reach out to Heads of Departments (the leaders of university departments) to ask them to consider the pledge and to encourage their staff to do the same.

To identify the right people (i.e. Heads of Department in practice/policy-oriented disciplines), we are looking for conscientious, friendly freelances who have an affinity with education and research, as well as excellent English language skills.

We have a list of 400 universities and need our freelancers to identify specific departments and then the last name and email address of the head of department. We expect this to be about 3000 email addresses in total but we do not know exactly. We will pay per 300 email addresses sourced (150 dollar).

As part of your application, we would like you to provide us with 1 set of email addresses, for Duke University in the USA. Please find the instructions below.

We look forward to seeing your application!




For each department we are looking for the personal contact details of the Head of Department (HoD is the leader of a university department, usually a full professor).

Our focus is on departments with major relevance for practice / policy making:

  • Public/Global Health
  • Psychology
  • Pediatrics
  • Emergency Medicine
  • Psychiatry
  • Sociology
  • Environmental Science

A few points for consideration:

  • Departments have various names but the disciplines above give you an indication of what we’re looking for. Beware that medicine & psychiatry are sometimes part of the university hospital
  • You can adjust the titles of the departments if needed (we don’t need exact titles, key words are fine)
  • If a university has many relevant departments (e.g. several psychology departments), choose a maximum of 10 departments (i.e. max 10 addresses per university), certainly including public health and psychology


Department Last name of the Head of Dept Email address
Public/Global Health



Emergency Medicine



Environmental Science

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