Psychological Impact of Injury on Young Children and their Parents

Many thanks to Dr. Alexandra De Young (University of Queensland) for two great seminars in Melbourne yesterday! Alex gave an overview of the findings from a longitudinal study with 130 young burn injured children (aged one to six years) and their parents.

The topics she discussed included:

  1. Prevalence, comorbidity and course of trauma reactions in the children
  2. Prevalence of trauma reactions in the parents
  3. A model of risk factors for persistent trauma reactions, and
  4. Clinical implications for current and future management of trauma reactions.

You can download a pdf of the presentation here. In addition, have a look at one of her central papers about trauma reactions in young children (free pdf). Last but not least, the new website of the child trauma research unit where she works is a good resource, both for clinicians and for families.

What's your view?

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