The first trauma research Tweet chat

Are you a researcher interested in traumatic stress and recovery? Come join the first trauma research Tweet chat!

It takes place at the end of February, depending on your preferences (cast your vote here!).

This post gives you all the details on how to participate.

What is a Tweet chat?

A Tweet chat is a virtual meeting on Twitter. The use of a specific search word or ‘hashtag’ (#… which one do you prefer?) enables you to see the comments of all participants, also of those who are not in your direct network. It allows you to meet researchers in your area of interest.

Our first chat will be on “Trauma Researchers and Social Media”. After a round of introductions, we will discuss the use of blogs and Twitter for dissemination, exchange, and data collection (I will introduce a few general questions to guide the conversation). We will also brainstorm on topics of interest for future Tweet chats.


How do I participate?

In order to join the chat, you need to set up a Twitter account.

You can follow the chat by typing the hashtag in Twitter’s search box, but it’s easier to use Tweetchat. After you authorized Tweetchat (click on ‘sign in’), it automatically includes the hashtag when you write a tweet. It also gives you the option of blocking retweets (RT’s) which makes reading easier when the exchange goes quickly.

A few ‘rules’ of participation:

  • Always include the hashtag (#… dependent on what we choose) in your tweets, otherwise other participants won’t be able to see your comments
  • Feel free to retweet interesting tweets for your followers
  • When you respond to a numbered question (Q1, Q2), please include the number in your tweet
  • Everyone participates personally, not on behalf of an organization

If you would like to read some more tips, have a look at Janet Fouts’ How to Participate in a Tweet Chat. Don’t worry if it’s your first time on Twitter and/or a Tweet chat; you can always start by reading and then join the conversation at your own pace.

Because it’s the first time, I will be on Twitter 15 minutes earlier to answer any questions you may have with regard to signing in, using the hashtag etc. (make sure you have set up your Twitter account before though!). My Twitter name is @EvaAlisic.


Please cast your vote for the best time and hashtag for trauma research Tweet chats!


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