Get your project to the finish line

In 2015 I developed a program to help people be productive in a meaningful way. It’s called Stepwise. Although the testers were super enthusiastic about it, I’ve recently done some serious thinking about my priorities. I’ve decided to invest my time in children’s mental health in refugee or other very disadvantaged settings. Which means that I won’t continue with providing personal support through Stepwise. The program will remain available online at least until the end of 2016. Just send me an email if you want to receive the link to go through the program at your own pace.

Stepwise is a 6-week online program designed for, and tested with researchers, writers, and (social) entrepreneurs. If you’re one of them, you probably care deeply about your project but struggle to find enough time for it. Maybe you feel overwhelmed by everything that’s on your plate. Or the lack of a hard deadline keeps you from pushing forward.

With a bit of support you can make big steps.

This is a good program if you want to get a research paper written in the next 6 weeks, if you want to give your data collection a big push, or if you want to make solid progress on a business plan. The small chunks of ‘homework’ in the program are not about hypothetical situations: they are about your project.

What will you get?

A balanced combination of:

  1. Videos, podcasts and articles on key strategies to get your project done
  2. Action steps to help you implement immediately

The online platform takes you through the modules step-by-step (and sharper than WordPress wants to depict this screenshot):

Step by step through the modules


Here are two example snippets from the video on setting goals:


And this is part of the video on external barriers:


Overall, this is what we’ll cover:

  • Week 1: Set the right goals
  • Week 2: How to carve out time
  • Week 3: Barriers & how to overcome them
  • Week 4: Enablers & how to make them work for you
  • Week 5: Get your work noticed
  • Week 6: Wrap up & strategies for the future

I have combined aspects of clinical and health psychology, time management strategies, and even marketing into this program.

It’s not about getting to some superhuman level of efficiency...

Rather, it’s about finding an effective approach that fits well with your situation and your personality. I focus on incremental change and long-term strategies.

You will need 3 x 20 minutes per week, at times that suit you, to participate. This includes watching/listening/reading the materials and doing the action steps (i.e. working on your project!).

This is what participants have said:

I have been using the techniques that you’ve been encouraging us to use in many areas, not just the project and I’ve found them VERY useful. Even though they are all common sense and pretty simple, actually being prompted to use the techniques by setting simple tasks has been incredibly helpful for me. I feel that I am able to focus on the tasks that I need to get done so much better than I was.


I’m actually getting started instead of procrastinating and not knowing what to do first.


I just wanted to say thank you, Eva! This has really been helping me to focus and begin working on my thesis and dissertation. I’m starting to feel prepared (and maybe even slightly ahead!) to enter my program.


Imagine how much you can get done in 6 weeks…